Leverage Data for Marketing Actions

Get More of the Right Custmers
Do you know how much you can spend to acquire a service customer? Service analytics can help you calculate the lifetime value of customers. Service analytics estimates customers' residual transactions; know if you can afford to outspend the competition for your best customers

Lengthen the Customer Relationship
Do most of your customers roll off the service drive once never to return? To develop long-term customer relationships, you need to know who’s leaving, how likely it is that they’re quitting and when they might churn. Also, you’ll need to know how much you can spend to retain them.

Develop Customer Value
We’re all familiar with the Amazon model: “Customers who bought this item also bought.” With advanced service analytics, you can start managing cross-sales marketing programs to increase frequency. Sell a more varied range of service products to your best customers.

ExampleCar.com Features

Cloud Provisioned
Marketing Database
To store and utilize your most valuable asset - customer data - you need a database. Our solution provides your business with a customer-centric data retention solution. Leverage it for all your direct marketing needs; works for traditional and digital channels. 

Customer Analytics
Which customers should you focus on? When should you communicate with them? And what should you offer them? Without a customer analytics enabled database marketing system, you will find it extremely hard to answer and action these questions.

Marketing and CRM
What's the secret to a good CRM? The fact that your use it... And why would you use it? Because it provides the benefit of actionable knowledge. Data that will help you sell and market to your best customers is powered by integrations from our marketing database.

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