Business Intelligence for Fixed Operations

Turn your sales and service data into actionable reports and analytics to increase the number of visits, optimize dollar value per unit in operation and decrease spend in fixed ops.

Monitor your service department at-a-glance

ExampleCar.com helps automotive dealers execute their marketing strategies for better profitability with DMS-integrated
Marketing Database and Performance Management solutions.


Root Cause Analysis

Inspect what you expect. Track drop-offs in service appointments by key dimensions, including dealer, employee and customer. Drill down to the activities and behaviors causing the poor performance and


Focus on Performance

Optimize repair order spend and recommendations. Analyze key vehicle segments to combat churn during end-of-warranty service. Turn your business into a subscription business with repair and service agreements.


Decision Support

Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new customers. Track trends over time in declined work. Check your primary marketing area for high-value customer segments. Timely delivery of actionable information helps make decisions that enhance efficiency.

The $99 Billion Opportunity in Fixed Ops*

64% of dealers identify customer retention as their primary business concern, and 94% of dealer personnel believe the service experience is more important than the service itself.*

Market veteran Jim Roche explores the connection between the customer service experience and a massive opportunity in fixed ops. The $99 billion opportunity is created by the OEM dealers themselves, since they are allowing independets to conquest their hard-won customers.

So, how do you retain your customers with a superior service experience? There are probably a lot of answers, but since you're already sitting on a goldmine, you should take a long hard look at your own, first-party, data. Merely analyzing data will not improve your service retention, but it will certainly help you approach the challenge more intelligently.

We think this massive opportunity is open for mining on three broad fronts:

  • Conquest your competitors service customers in your primary marketing area by exploiting location intelligence
  • Retain your highest-value customers by using your data platform to model and predict service churn to action the attrition
  • Win-back customers who have left, by modeling and predicting who is likely to react to your campaigns and initiatives

* See: https://www.digitaldealer.com/99b-opportunity-fixed-ops/

Example Business Intelligence Packages for Fixed Ops

Service Sales

Support your service advisors and technicians by following-up based on facts. Inspect what you expect!

Back-end KPIs: Unapplied time, relative service size, Labour Sales and Gross per Chargeable Employee, Fixed-Ops Absorption, Parts and Service Absorption, Productivity, Efficiency
Repair Order Context: historical service sales over time on key dimensions such as location, customer segment, service advisor, vehicle type, vehicle segment; calculated ratios, eg. sold hours per repair order, gross/repair order and more

Recommended and Denied work: per-service advisor and technician recommended and denied work; denied work over time, appointments to actual hours, all key dimensions and segments
Service Forecast: Regular service forecast and derived revenue forecast per customer and vehicle segment
Parts sales: KPIs, trend analysis and more

Coming Soon: Vehicle Sales

Vehicle sales can be seen as a part and parcel of customer retention in Fixed Ops. You can also use this package for standalone reporting and analytics.

Front-end KPIs: used to new car ratio, ROI, Gross per New/Used sold, Sales/Gross/Net per employee and more

Pipeline Analytics: daily, weekly and monthly sales reports for sales-rep accountability along key dimensions

BDC Metrics: connect-appoint-sell; connection rate; lead to sales; inbound call sales process analytics

Customer segmentation: value, behavioral or other segmentation types as part of sales analytics
Sales Forecast: demand-driven forecasts based on sales trends and consumer behavior in your data

Self-service Reporting and Analytics without Restrictions

Every dealership is a snowflake. Let us handle the knowledge management so you can build bespoke and tailored reports, visuals, metrics and dashboards that fit your needs. By the people for the people!

Self-service BI: Enables business users to access and work with corporate data even if they do not have a background in statistical analysis or data-modeling.
The benefit: Self-service BI tools allow users to filter, sort, analyze and visualize data without involving the organization's BI and IT teams. 

Quick-insights: Using quick insights you can quickly discover interesting patterns and correlations in your data for further interrogation and action.

Interactive reporting: ​Sometimes canned reports and analytics just don't cut it. Use interactive reports and visuals to ​slice and dice the data in new and interesting ​and tap into contextual information as you discover.
Training and Consulting: Need help to get started? Our team has extensive reporting and analysis know-how as well as an intimate knowledge of the data, models and metrics you're operating on.


Your comprehensive reporting and analytics solution.

  • Service Sales Reports
  • Example Service Sales Dashboard
  • Build Your Own Reports
  • Email Burst Reports

Need tailored services for your chain of dealerships?

  • Near real-time integrations
  • Advanced user management
  • Customer analytics projects
  • Data blending from any source
  • Big Data storage

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The Service Customer

The service customer is actually a misnomer, even if your focus is fixed ops don't succumb to myopia. Service revenue is driven by the customer lifecycle as a whole; every interaction and engagement with your business is worth recording. We help you manage your knowledge so you don't drown in a sea of data or loose your bearings in the forest of irrelevant information. Maintain your focus by sticking to the fundamentals, remember:

  • You don't have to do everything at once. Start with the most feasible data topics that deliver the highest expected returns in terms of business value.
  • You're sitting on a goldmine, which doesn't mean you can disregard the cost of production. Match the costs to excavate with the expected benefits and don't get carried away.
  • The purpose of knowledge management and analytics is action, your business intelligence and data platform should enable this.

The Payoff

Smarter predictions, decisions and interventions

Analytics without Restrictions

Analytics, as opposed to analysis, is the process and practice of using facts to make decisions. We build integrations capture data from your DMS and other data sources and blend them into robust data models that facilitate ongoing analytics. We anticipate your analytical needs with pre-built dashboards and reports. However, we don't want to restrict your ambition. Therefore, our analytics platform is designed to serve your continuous improvement in decision making contexts, be they sales or service related.

PowerBI Partners and Beyond

We are Microsoft PowerBI Partners and help you implement the full Business Intelligence stack either on-premise or throught Azure cloud solutions. PowerBI is jam-packed with features that allow business users to work more efficiently; drag-and-drop visuals and report building, intuitive and easy to use interface, report scheduling and email subscriptions, user management, embedded reports and more.

If you've already invested in a BI-infrastructure, don't worry... we're not "spring chickens": Qlik, Pentaho, Yellowfin, R, Python, Java are among some of technologies we can work with.


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