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Intelligent Marketing with Your Own Data

Database marketing is the practice of using customer databases to enhance marketing productivity, through the use of more effective acquisition, retention and development of customer relationships. Database marketing allows you to:

  • Increase marketing productivity, ie. do more with less
  • Create and enhance customer relationships, ie. cross and upsell to your existing customers
  • Develop a sustainable competetive advantage, ie. beat the competition

How We Doin'?

Knowing how your dealership is doing is vital if you're a sales manager. Taking a broader perspective by looking at monthly deal data along with lead times can help you better grasp where you're at. We are Microsoft PowerBI partners and will get you set up for more insights, faster!

  • How long does it take your team on average to sell a car? 
  • What hit rate can you expect and does it vary by salesperson?
  • Are there any laggards on your team in terms of booked test drives?
  • check
    Do your salespeople have a balanced pipeline to meet goals?

Overtake your competition by developing a robust marketing database and level-up your dealership

Customer Lifecycle Management

Because all data is built around the customer you can upsell and cross-sell when its appropriate while enhancing the customer relationship at the same time. Take a customer oriented viewpoint and bring value to them along their journey, from first visit to last service.

Automotive Marketing Database

When you gather your business processes in a semantically robust model, you can communicate efficiently within the firm. From sales to service all processes are modelled and important data is retained.

Customer Analytics

The marketing database enables customer analytics such as vehicle purchase propensity, recommendation models for spares and add-ons, service churn and prevention to name a few techniques. Put your data to intelligent use and drive business results.

Marketing Automation

Target marketing works since your customers, current and prospective, have different needs and interests. But the cost is plenty of extra work, work which you can eliminate with marketing automation...as long as you have marketing database in place.

Audit Interactions and Get a Customer 360-View

Think about all those interactions your customers are having with your dealership. Wouldn't it be nice to reference all of the information, from all customer touch-points regardless of the underlying source system and acheive a truly 360-degree view of your customers.

Pipeline reporting for deals

Sales managers need up to date information on the health of their sales pipelines and this is especially true for fleet services and sales. Gather location intelligence and pair it with traditional sales data. Torture the data 'till it relents and know if you're on track to hit your targets.

Salesperson Activities and Engagement

You've looked at results, they're not looking good... The next step is to drill-down into salesperson engagement. Utilize the marketing database to gain an overarching view of what your salesforce is actually up to. And use insights from top-performers to bolster laggards and share best-pracises grounded in facts.

​Customer Segmentation and Loyalty

Building a marketing database means you can segment your customers in different ways, say from a value point of view. Segmentation allows you to make meaningful distinctions between your customers and establish loyalty programs and work with preferred path to purchase.

Example: Plan New Dealerships with Location Intelligence

Data should be actionable, so looking at your current demand, ie. test-drives, sales and service...where should you expand?

Location data when combined with your marketing database can be very powerful. Plan for drive times to the new dealer location based on prospective customer's locations and other sources of demographic data to ensure your dealership's growth and thriving.

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